Breast Implant Surgery in Tacoma WA

After a mastectomy, another option a woman has for reconstructing her breast with an implant. An implant is basically a round, soft silicone shell filled entirely with either saline (glass-like) or silicone gel. Since saline breast implants do not require surgery, they are much less expensive than silicone breast implants and can therefore be more readily afforded by many women. They are also typically found in smaller volumes than silicone breast implants, which means smaller amounts of silicone need to be used in order to achieve the same cosmetic result. Also, saline breast implants do not rupture and are unlikely to leak silicone into the surrounding tissue, which can cause allergic reactions, rashes, or infections. Saline breast implants also tend to last longer than silicone breast implants which can be a consideration if breast reconstruction at later stages is desired.

Another type of implant available for reconstructing a breast is the single sac implant. These single sac implants are made from saline and contain a hollow “seam” to which various fillers can be added. Because there is no need to drill into the skin or undergo any surgical complications, they are not as expensive as their saline breast implants counterparts. The filling of these single sac implants is done through incisions inside the body, though the most common placement for these is on the upper breast. The advantage of this breast lift placement is that it is free from any visible scarring which makes it less difficult to restore your appearance once the surgery is completed. Also, there is not a need to remove a breast implant in order to have a single sac implant because the incisions made do not reach the natural crease of a breast and therefore there is no need to remove breast implants along with the breast implant itself.

Yet another type of implant commonly used for reconstructive purposes is the silicone gel implant. These silicone gels are made from a liquid silicone that is mixed with a healing agent such as gels and vasoconstrictors before it is injected into the patient’s body. This type of implant poses no risks to the patient since the gel simply works with the body to fill in any bare areas or help to restore some shape to an area that has been greatly affected by aging. Silicone gel implants are typically the most effective type of implant used for breast augmentation when it comes to providing a noticeable increase in the size of a woman’s breasts. One of the few risks with silicone-filled implants is the possibility of their rupture or leak which may require further surgery to fix.

Another type of implant placement option is the subpectoral submuscular implant placement which is done under the skin. Unlike the subpectoral or supraareolar implant placements which are placed under the muscles of the abdominal wall or abdominal floor, the subpectoral placement is located below the muscle around the areola. This type of implant placement is most effective for women who have experienced significant loss of volume from a series of surgeries. The subpectoral implant placement is also the least invasive procedure and therefore carries fewer risks than many other implant placements.

Finally there is the subglandular or inflatable implant reconstruction which is most common after mastectomy. Like the subpectoral placements, this placement is done under the muscles and also around the area which is created by the reconstruction surgery. However unlike the subpectoral placements or the subglandular placement, this type of implant reconstruction does not place any additional incisions into the abdominal wall to help with filling in any bare areas. This makes it one of the few procedures in which the post-operation scars can be minimized.

The final type of breast implant placement is the textured surface implant. These implants are commonly used for both the upper and lower body. In this placement, the implants are placed into the crease of either the upper or lower arm. The implants are textured so that they will fit better and more naturally into the crease. They are also often filled with silicone gel or saline fluid so that they will be less likely to leak or run.

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