Lip Enhancement Procedure
Lip enhancement is a cosmetic surgery procedure, which is also known as lip augmentation. The main function of this procedure is to produce fuller, plumper lips. There are numerous strategies and methods that can be represented as lip enhancement, including an operation to adjust the symmetry of the lips, sagging adjustment of the lips, and decrease the fine lines and wrinkles that are around the lip region. The recovery process from lip augmentation may take a few days; based on the treatment.

Regardless of what lip enhancement procedure is applied, the procedure starts with plumping the lips. This is usually done by fat transfer. The fat transfer can be done with liposuction fat from the person, and position it into a syringe to inject it directly into the lips for the plumping purpose; this method will make lips appear fuller. The injection for fat transfer is the best way, and there are no chances of tissue rejection as the person’s own fat is being used for the transfer.

A number of fillers can likewise be used with lip augmentation surgery. The lips can be dropped downwards due to the collagen (a type of protein) break down. Collagen can be found in cartilage, bone, and skin; therefore, we can refresh the lips by adding collagen back into the lips. Restylane is a cosmetic dermal filler which is a hyaluronic acid; it is an enduring gel, and the outcomes can be seen decades after the lip enhancement surgery.

Lip inserts are more compact plastic tubes set inside the lips. They are loaded with unnatural material and they are a kind of permanent plumping treatment. A couple of little entry points or small cuts are made along the lip line, and the inserts are set within these cuts. Once the plastic tubes are set inside the lip, they stay fixed and don’t move. This kind of lip enhancement can deliver the desired results over using fat or collagen, yet the recovery time and expenses are significantly more.

Any of these operations can be associated with other lip augmentation methods; after plumping the lips, the fine lines around the lips can likewise be removed and more impressive effects can be seen. If a lip is twisted or irregular, filler injections can be used along with a few helpful as well as the restorative incisions to make the area look more healthy & adjusted.