What is The Current Trend for Facial Cosmetic Surgery for Men?
As there are a growing number of men having facial cosmetic surgery procedures done, it appears that, in reality, such treatments were never actually a thing that was more suited to ladies. It merely took time for us to cover our minds around the concept of males going under the knife to improve their appearances. Up till current years, it was simply downright taboo. However as technology has actually advanced, so have our minds, and our presumptions relating to males and cosmetic surgery. As plastic surgery treatments have become more affordable, more easily offered, and quicker with significantly shorter recuperation times, they have lost that mystique of being exclusively for very attractive, feminine, rich females. Basically, both guys and females fade with age, and both manly along with womanly functions can be boosted with facial plastic surgery.

The Growing Prevalence of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Among Men
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2012 Cosmetic surgery Statistics Report, the leading surgery for men was rhinoplasty (nose tasks), at 61,771 procedures carried out. Other popular treatments were blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) at 29,050 and rhytidectomy (face lifts) at 11,913. In 2011, procedures carried out on guys accounted for 9 % of all cosmetic surgeries amongst both genders. That’s a staggering 121 % boost from 1997! In 2012, the number went as much as 13 %. Today, that percentage is advancing a steady rise.



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